The Cycle of Seven

One time while on vacation, I was laying on a beach lounge chair which I placed halfway into the water. It was quite relaxing at first, then it wasn’t. Small waves would rhythmically rise and fall against the bottom of the chair, and wet me as they snuck through the slits of the plastic chair. After a few minutes I noticed something odd; every so often a larger wave would splash me. “The sea was calm” I thought, “Why was this happening? Was this random?” I decided to count the intervals between when the water would splash me and when it didn’t. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… SPLASH!
Hmm, seven? Well, that makes sense doesn’t it? There are seven notes in the musical scale, seven colours of the rainbow, seven continents, seven seas, seven Chakras, seven days of the week, seven dwarves, seven year itch, Seventh Heaven, Seven Wonders of the World and so on. “This is cool” I thought. Then… I didn’t think much of it again, that was until today.
According to India’s ancient writings of the Vedas, there are seven year cycles in which our body chemistry fully transforms. Every seven years there is a natural shift of energy that encourages us to move forward and to make changes. This relates to the Chakras that are located in our light body. The first seven years of our life are led by the Root Chakra. The second cycle of seven years are governed by the Sacral Chakra, and so on. Each Chakra corresponds to a theme. The Root Charka corresponds to survival in general, which is based on the emotion of fear. From the ages of one through seven we are governed by this Chakra. However, each year that passes (within a cycle) we are influenced by the next Chakra.
Before I go any further, let me explain the Chakra’s themes.
1.Root = Fear
2.Sacral = Feelings
3.Solar Plexus = Proactivity
4.Heart = Harmony
5.Throat = Philosophy
6.Third Eye = Wisdom
7.Crown = Spirituality
For example: ages 1 through 7 are based in the Root Chakra.
However, in the second year of our life, feelings begin to emerge. In our third year, we explore our world and question things. When we are in our seventh year, we start to crave the unknown world (spirituality) and its mysteries. To present this in a mathematical equation is as follows: Year one (fear+fear). Year two (fear+feelings). Year three (fear+proactivity) and so on. The next cycle is at 8 to 14 years of age which is governed by feelings. The equation looks like this: (feelings+fear) (feelings+feelings) (feelings+proactivity) and so forth. Each seven year cycle takes us to a higher level of understanding.
So what happens when we turn fifty? Doesn’t this cycle end? (7 X 7) = 49, what’s next? That’s a good question! Currently I am forty-eight years young, so that puts me in the Crown Chakra cycle (spirituality+wisdom). Interestingly, this is considered the cycle of when an individual first cultivates the ability to offer spiritual advice. Hmm, I guess I can give myself permission to be able to offer others the wisdom that I’ve learned thus far. This happened to coincide with the year that I released my book – The Ultimate Journey. Cool. Next year I turn forty-nine, this symbolizes (spiritually+spiritually) and is when a person can teach and pass on their spiritual knowledge. I’ll have to wait and see how the next year unfolds. Oh, yes, let’s get back to what happens when we turn fifty. A mid-life crisis? It seems that this happens frequently for most. What occurs when we complete a cycle? It begins again. However, when it does, it does so from an expanded vantage point. We can start again, begin a new inspired cycle and raise our consciousness. Or, try desperately to hold on to the old; by buying a motorcycle or dating someone half our age!
Seven is a lucky number for many people and is considered a sacred number in most religions. Personally, I like it and named my hair salon after it. Well, to be honest, it was also the street address. Oh, I forgot to mention, The Seven Deadly Sins. You can see by now that the numerical number and energetic vibration of seven is quite profound. Where does seven arise in your life’s experience? What significance does it hold for you?
Thank you for reading.
Frank Di Genova is the Author of the book – The Ultimate Journey, an Earth traveller’s guide to awakening.
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