Deep down there is a desire in all of us to feel loved and accepted. Most are searching for something that was once known, and is now lost. Often the opportunity to uncover our truest self hasn’t been realized, causing us to wander through life in search of it. We seek out relationships, material gain, and prominence to fill the emptiness we feel within. Most times what we seek fails us, leaving us helpless, angry and addicted to the chase.

Within us rages a battle, a tug of war between our spirit and our concept of who we think we are. The soul is ruthless in its longing to self-realize, overriding our trivial desires and pursuits. It would rather see us surrender, than to waste away entangled in this worldly facade. If you are reading this, then I can safely conclude that your soul is at the forefront. Are you ready to let go of the past and embrace the present moment… do you want to create an amazing future? If you are willing to find the answers, and to finally stop getting in the way, then this book is for you!

This is my journey of how a soul became a body entwined within a world that it lived in.

This memoir handbook explains the process of how we can transcend the conditioning and enslavement of this world, and feel the love we came here to reawaken.


The world has been waiting for this kind of work—an insightful guidebook that brings the reader through awareness, awakening, heart consciousness and spiritual authenticity.
Theresa M.
When I read your book… it isn't the words but the energy that comes through them that lifts me. I've never experienced this before.
Diane P.
I just read the intro to your book. I have tears in my eyes… I need this book, like… yesterday. I can already tell it's going to help me.
Beth C.
I’ve never read a self-empowerment book written with so much authenticity and heart love as yours! Bravo!
Heather R.
A mixture of laughter, tears and learning. Thank you for letting me in.
Petya H.
Just finished reading your book. Amazing! You are gifted. Thank you for sharing.
Dan S.
book 2

Create The Life You Desire—Unlock You Greatest Potential. Do you know what true success is? Are you living it? You will have achieved this when every aspect of your life is equally proportional. This book will shed light on how to master and balance all of these areas.

Discover how you have been programmed from birth to be unsuccessful.

Stop self-sabotaging and denying your power. Learn Self-care.

Understand why motivational and positive thinking don’t work, and why most approaches fail.

Find out how to reprogram your mind to identify and change your limiting beliefs.

Learn which of your emotional needs were neglected and how it contributes to codependency. Realize true love.

Observe how you body reacts to food and the environment so you can shift into your highest potential.

Discover how energy works, so you can harness its power.

Success is multi-faceted, which includes not only money, but mental, emotional and physical health. We need to love, feel loved and respected, and have the freedom to express ourselves. Prosperity in one area doesn’t prop the others up. This is why there are people who seem to have everything, yet aren’t truly happy.
We are born to do great things. Within us we have unrealized potential waiting to flourish. This feeling is inherent inside us all. The tragedy is that we’re committing the worst possible offence by neglecting the expression of this creativity. Unfortunately, when unused, these unique gifts and talents turn into a toxic and destructive poison. This act of repression leads us to unhealthy behaviours, the core of which is self-sabotage. We have been taught to suppress our power and to stop trusting our innate intelligence and natural instincts. We are kept powerless by the burden that is imposed upon us and its effect on reducing the time we have to enjoy life.

Are you ready to Create The Life You Desire, and unlock your greatest potential? Let’s take the journey together.

This book has everything you need to totally change every aspect of your life!!! A must have!!!
Sept 2019