Tug of War

Tug of war
There is a saying that says that your soul is ruthless in seeking its path back home, and that its needs override all the desires of your personality. What is it that you want… is it to feel accepted, loved, to be heard? What do you crave the most, what drives you?
Everyday in the news we hear of a tragedy, a death, and just a bunch of bad shit that happens.
We are losing our music legends, actors, family members and all it seems to be by cancer. The passing of time claims all things yet this January (2016) seems like a total shit show doesn’t it? How does that leave you feeling? Is there something going on underneath all this, an awareness brewing that we are not going to be here for ever. Are you deciding to live life to the fullest or continue living with your head buried in the sand? Life is short my friends!
Inside us rages a tug of war, between what our soul desires and what we desire. Most times they aren’t in alignment. We seek material comfort and gain, while our soul wants to dump it all. The harder you hold on to the material shit, the more you fear losing it, the more unhappy you will be. Just like the band ‘Trooper’ sings “we’re here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can’t shine everyday.” I’m not saying that we should renounce all of our possessions and become a monk and go into a cave.
We live where we do and we need stuff to carry on. Its just when the stuff we own ends up owning us, we are f&%k’d. So whats my point with all this? Let go of the rope and stop resisting. Do stuff that makes you happy and stop complaining about the things that keep you unhappy. It is simple as that. Love everyone you do as fully as if it was your last day on earth, yes you, and not their last day. There is a big difference.
Make your life count!

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