I’ve never been a fan of the word therapy, let alone therapist. Have you noticed the spelling? The Rapist? I prefer the words coaching, or mentoring. They are softer, and are more encouraging. Therapy means to heal a disorder, which to me implies that there is something wrong. I believe we are whole and perfect. The cause of our plight is usually the assimilation of wrong information, and or unprocessed events caused by traumas.

One can only take you as far as they themselves have gone. From that point on they can only advise you theoretically, through another’s experience, or by observations of collected data via case studies.

My focus is on helping those who want to empower themselves. I can not do the work for you, I can only show you which doors you can choose to open. You alone have the power within you to transform and heal your life. Let no one convince you that they can. No one has that power over another, unless one gives up their own. That is not what healing is all about.

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