Book update

It has been awhile since I last posted a blog. As some of you know I’m writing my book. I work full-time, my commute is long and I don’t have much spare time to write. Nevertheless, in the past seven months I have completed it. In a perfect world, it would be ready for release. As is the case, editing, proofreading and template formatting is still needed. In addition, there are a lot more things to do. Unforeseen challenges may also present themselves as well. My intent is to greet them all with an open mind and continued perseverance.
At times I get frustrated that it’s taking so long. However, when I look back I can see that I’ve come a long way since October. Heck I’ve even built a deck in my backyard. Household chores have been put on the back burner… wait, did I turn the stove off?
What I have learned in the process of writing my book I will take with me. I believe these lessons will serve me well in all areas of my life. I want to share them with you.
Stop being hard on yourself.
Have patience and trust in the process.
It will happen when it’s meant to-in Divine time.
Don’t take life so serious… and have fun!
When we truly want something, we will achieve it. If we are afraid to follow through, we will find excuses. Distractions are ever present and tempt to sway us, it is easy to succumb to them. Consistent decisions have to be made in order to overcome apathy. How many hours do we waste by idle actions?
I’m looking forward to sharing my book with all of you, and seeing you at my book launch.
The projected time of the book release is this fall 2016
Thank you for reading.

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