The Seed


Recently I revisited a forgotten passion, and it has left me exhilarated to say the least. Such a simple thing, and something that we take for granted, well at least that was the case for me.

Today as I was watering my little green friends after work, I felt inspired to write about it. Please enjoy this little blurb called:
The Seed.

You are drenched with water, covered over as your old self drowns away in a watery grave. No light or hope as the dark blanket of soil has buried you.

Your hard shell resists, however futile. You finally surrender as the water permeates your entire being, seeping into your every cell.
Your bitterness and hardness becomes soft as you expand against the once non fragile shell, shielding you against everything unknown. In a flash the fear dissolves as you feel the urge and experience the courage to become something greater.
You ground yourself into the fertile soil of unlimited possibilities and potentialities. You take root into Mother Earth and you feel the warmth of Grandfather sun coaxing you up. Persuading you to gaze up into Father sky and into his Father’s loving light.
Like the chrysalides you rip through its protective cocoon, you wrest through the gallant soil. Transformed you awaken, and never the same again!
Grandmother moon watches over you at night, giving you her adoring and reflective light. She comforts you as she watches, as you sleep enchanted until the dawn.
The sun’s first rays of golden light kiss you all over, saturating you absolutely. You grow, becoming more and more… ascending.
You drink and eat from above and below, grasping for more light. Helpers come to you collecting and sharing your pollen and nectar.  They leave you with the magical power of life to blossom and to become majestic… a sight of unspeakable beauty.
You will be adored and loved as you exchange  gazes with the observer reminding them of their
inner beauty, perhaps still hiding within them. You are not trying to be, you are just ‘Being’ and that is the intoxicating beauty. In the being of what you are naturally, without adornments, and without any competitive posturing or flaunting.
You are beautiful.
You are interconnected with all that is, from the rain that falls from the sky, the worms that prepare your food, the life that seeks your shelter… and the life you will sustain by surrendering yours.
Yes, we are born as seeds….
Will we let the water and light in, allowing them through our fractures and cracks that life’s conditions impose upon us? Or will we keep our shells up, living hard and bitter until we dry up and rot from within?
My intent and desire for you all is to live, flourish and blossom to your fullest potential!
Thank you!
Frank Dee
This blog is Copyrighted (c)

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