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Hi, my name is Frank Di Genova

Frank Di Genova was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

He is an author, hairstylist, salon owner, and passionate musician who writes empowering songs from his soul. Frank is a master in both Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki ® healing. He is a certified Indian Head Massage practitioner, and a QiGong healer, he’s also developed his own therapeutic massage modality. Frank is creative in the kitchen, good with his hands, and loves to engage others by using his humour and many impersonations. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help others awaken. His one wish is that we all find lasting peace within ourselves.

Frank has always been passionate and able to feel others emotions. Reluctantly, he joined his father in the family business. Hairstyling was never his thing. However, it was the perfect vehicle that allowed him to help others navigate through life’s challenges. Frank’s clients have always appreciated his attentiveness and extra care to their needs. He listens with compassion and without judgment.

There isn’t an ethnic, nor character impersonation he won’t try at least once. He likes to joke and keep things light. However, Frank knows when it’s time to get serious and understands that life is short. You can find him hanging around people that are creative and passionate. He resonates to those who seek the answers to life’s mysteries and questions.

Frank has explored many diverse modalities regarding health, Self-empowerment and spirituality. This led him on an arduous personal journey to discover his truth and purpose. He researched almost every religion and faith, yet found nothing that satiated his hunger for Self- realization. His pursuit continues, and with each level of his expanded awareness, he is open to share  it with those that seek it.

He has done hair for film, fashion and tv shows, and has appeared on radio. Frank is a former co-host on a show called “Inclusive Radio” which can be heard on 102.9 WhistleFM. Acting had always been a dream of his, so was being a rock star. He is a hobby musician; as music was, and still is a strong passion of his. Education, and writing books has now taken centre stage.

Frank wants to help as many people as he can through his music, intuition, and his words. He has an array of diplomas hanging on his wall from spiritual courses—yet doesn’t pride himself on them. He says, “Accolades don’t mean anything if there isn’t love in one’s heart. How you treat people is what is important, and is the true measure of success.”

Frank loves cooking and experiments in the kitchen as often as he can. His mother was a great cook. She always tried new dishes without using a recipe—the Italian way. There isn’t a home renovation that Frank hasn’t tried. He has done all types of flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, drywalling, carpentry, and deck building. He believes that anyone who is good with their hands can do anything—it’s only a matter of knowing how. He recalls one time when he was doing a salon renovation in between clients. “You have to know when you are holding a hammer, a drill or scissors. Hand pressure is crucial, especially when doing a massage or a Reiki treatment right after bashing down a wall.


As a Reiki Master, I can attune you to the healing energy. Reiki 1 and Reiki 2


I offer a unique healing system that combines many modalities. Learning and becoming an Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki© Master, and QiGong healer has helped me to develop new ways of identifying and releasing energetic blocks. In addition, incorporating Indian Head Massage profoundly adds another layer; creating an original healing approach. 

I believe that when we identify the root cause of a health issue—we can then address it—and release the stagnant energy. 


Indian Head Massage (I.H.M.) has been known for over 7,000 years. The massage is documented in India’s sacred holy texts, called the Veda’s. I.H.M is a part of Ayurveda’s healing system and is an important aspect of India’s rich culture. Until just recently, it’s making its way to the Western world. I.H.M provides instant relief from stress, and also helps stimulate the body to heal itself. This modality is based on prevention and works with an individual’s “dis-ease” before it settles in the body. Western medicine often doesn’t take into account that we are an energetic body first and foremost; before we become the physical. In most cases, the spiritual body is not even considered. All aspects have to be addressed as a totality: the mind, physical body, and the energy body. The Allopathic approach often treats the symptom and not the cause. Energy medicine is not considered a quick fix and sometimes, symptoms may worsen before they get better. This may be the reason why this method is not generally sought after in the Western world. However, this is changing rapidly.

I believe that disease happens in the energetic body well before it manifests into the physical. If the “cause” is not treated in the ethereal body first, then true healing doesn’t necessarily take place. This is often why—in many cases—individuals in remission often experience a reoccurrence of their condition. The same harmful thoughts and emotions which have created the condition remain the same. These may include: worry, stress, limiting beliefs and so forth.

I.H.M is performed on: an individuals upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, as well as the head, face and ears. Unlike traditional massage where one lays on a table or bed; I.H.M is performed seated—in a chair. Most sessions last 60 minutes; although, it can be tailored to a shorter time frame.When the massage is complete, many clients report feeling as if they just received a full-body massage. I.H.M is said to balance every system in the body. It works on: the subtle energy matrix (the prana or life-force), balances the chakras, the nadi (prana vessels), and finally, the marma points—these are the junctions of the nadi.

Marma points can be compared to the points of the Chinese system of acupuncture. 

Stimulating these areas and pathways signal the body to produce exactly what it needs: including hormones and neuro-chemicals that promote healing to the whole system. On this level; deep healing occurs. Prana is the current of energy that sustains all life and infuses every cell within the body. Stimulating the marmani (energy points) directly taps into this reservoir of energy and releases stagnant energy promoting health and vitality.


I have been around hairstyling all of my life. At the at age of six my father opened a hair salon on Yorkville in Toronto, Canada. It wasn’t long before the process of osmosis led me to become a hairstylist. I learned the craft well and always offered more than it implied. Extra care and attention to detail were my ways of offering a cut above in client service. In 2009 I took over the family business. In 1974, Seven Hair salon (formerly Hello Hair) opened its doors on the prestigious street at 7 Yorkville Avenue. For over 41 years it has been the Jewel of Yorkville Village. Now, in its place is a fifty-eight story condominium. Time has changed many things, however my dedication and service hasn’t, it has grown. 

My resume includes owning a salon, doing hair for film, fashion and television shows. However, fundraisers, cut-a-thons and charity events were and are the most rewarding. I’ve also been interviewed by a National newspaper and have appeared on FM radio.

Currently, I work at 112 Scollard Street in Toronto and at my Hair Studio in Pickering. I offer all hair services. Please contact me for a free consultation. 

Frankey is the best stylist I have ever had… I have never had the same style twice in the ten years that I have been going to him… He has always given me a fresh and chic look and has made me feel like a brand new person after every visit!

  Thank you Frank!
I met Frank over 13 years ago and have never gone to anyone else since. I was impressed from day one. As I have curly hair and he knew exactly what would look good on me and I always say, “Do your magic”… he always asks what do you want me to do and I say, it’s up to you! I’m that confident that he’ll always do a good job and that’s hard to find, especially with curly hair.
Natalie S.
“I have been to many-a-salon to try to find the perfect hair ‘experience’. Never had I laughed as hard or enjoyed myself more than when getting pampered by Frank Di Genova – not only did I walk away with a great haircut, but also made a great friend! I recommend him whole-heartedly – KF” Frank is a wonderful, talented, and a fun hairstylist. He listens to what you have to say and gives you exactly what you want. I have been trusting Frank with my hair for the past several years. More recently my husband and stepson have been going to Frank for their haircuts. My husband Jessie was reluctant to change hairstylists because he is very particular about his hair. The three of us love getting our hair cut by Frank because it’s always a fun and pleasurable experience and we love the results. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. I would recommend to anyone.
Giselle Murphy
I visited him only once, I had to move away. I would have to say it was and is the best haircut I’ve ever had. Frank know what I wanted when I described it to him, and he delivered! I have never left thinking I wish I hadn’t gone to him, always great!
“I always feel that extra level of security when I get my hair by Frank I can give a potentially frustrating instruction like, “not too conservative, and yet too liberal”, and he always manage it. Frank noticed my new glasses frames, thicker and bolder. He suggested a slight change to my regular cut to avoid making the frames look severe by accident. There you go: extra taste, experience and understanding of fine composition. He backs up even a basic cut at a very reasonable price. Thanks Frank!
D Pert
If you are looking for someone who actually cares what your hair looks like, who gives great advice, who will work “with” you to determine the best cut, colour and style, then you MUST visit Frank! Whether it be just “an inch” or a whole new do, Frankey will take great care of you!
Wanda B.
Hey Frank… I don’t think it is a favour… it’s an honour and a pleasure to be able to make a testimonial for you. For 23 years as client, I have always felt great about my hair. I have always been received with professional courtesy and respect. What makes Frank different is that he is very friendly; you immediately feel comfortable and special. I have been to other stylist in the past and they generally made me feel like just another head of hair—doing whatever they wanted with little or no regard for what I wanted. Frank includes you in the process, he actually listens to you. He gets to know you as a person and understands your likes and dislikes. Frank addresses all of your concerns and provides you respectful advice as needed. He pays attention to detail so your cut and colour is always just right. I continuously look forward to going back because he always remembers me and is happy to see me.