What is God?

What is God?
Is It a He or a She? Is it a man in the sky? Do you cringe at the word when it is spoken; or, do you rejoice? Is God dead? Is the concept an outdated fairytale? Did we evolve from two people placed in a garden? Are we a product of incest? Have we evolved from apes? Why haven’t all primates evolved into Humans? Are we a genetic experiment of the Anunnaki? Or, are we a science project of a child that is from an advanced alien race? Have we come from Mars or from another planet? Is there an afterlife? When we die, is it lights out—do we become just a dead battery? Do we come back and try again? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the purpose of anything at all? Who and what made us… and why?
We can all agree that we don’t really know for sure! These questions have been asked for millennia, and will continue. I’m not writing this blog to answer any of these questions. I will however present more inquiries in an attempt to lead you (the reader) to answer them by your own means. I’m assuming of course that you even want an answer. There are countless theories regarding who and what God may be, and they range from the probable to the implausible.
Some use His name in vain when they’re angry, and some blame Him for when bad shit happens. Others call out to Him in pleasure while having sex. I’ve always wondered who atheists call out to? There are religions and individuals that worship the Divine feminine aspect of God. But most, are based in Patriarchy. So is God a loving Mother, or a strict Father? Personally I find the concept of burning in hell a difficult one to grasp. I can’t imagine any loving parent hurting—let alone burning their child to punish them for a wrongful action. If God is supposed to be Love, then why is Fear used as a motivator? I don’t believe that a greater Power that has supposedly created us would be governed by Jealously and Anger. Nor do I believe that He would be a vengeful God and threaten any of his children. Would an omnipotent power use bribery? “Honour me and you’ll get into Heaven. Heck I’ll even give you 72 virgins! Oh, but they are really nice, and some still have all their teeth.” If they were highly skilled in the sensual arts and had had prior experience, I’d definitely consider signing up! I’d be happy with just three. Personally, I don’t feel that a virgin would be the best one for the job, let alone 71 others!
Looking through the lens of these viewpoints seems as if they would be scribed by the unconscious-collective of man, and not by a loving God. Man and the Church have been responsible for misinterpreting and misrepresenting the notion of what God is. They’ve given “The Almighty” a bad name! I don’t believe that God wants to be praised and worshipped. Does He really need our approval? I’m not so sure that the creator of Everything has a superiority complex. Why would an individual or group need to sacrifice a virgin or an animal to appease Him? Furthermore, I don’t believe that He decides on a whim, who becomes rich or poor, who dies of cancer, who lives, and so on. That would be a pretty sick game for a good natured Deity don’t you think? We are told to have faith and believe that He has a plan for us. I don’t buy it! Somehow I feel that you don’t either… yet if you do, you’re probably pretty pissed off about it! I would be! This is where karma comes in, but that is another story for another day. I do believe however that God is benevolent and can sense in our heart if there is love or hate dwelling within it.
I was afraid that if I didn’t behave Santa wouldn’t give me any presents. Who would want coal? Hmm, does this sound familiar? So just in case this was true, I went along with it just to cover the odds. The answers that my religious faith provided to my questions not only confused me, but led to more questions which further made me question the answers. I was told just to have Faith. The religion that formed the early concept of my spirituality implied that I was made less than perfect—I was a sinner just by being born.
To add insult to injury, I had to confess my wrongdoings to a man that I didn’t even know. (No wonder the village priest had all the power, he had the dirt on everyone!) I felt unworthy, and less than. I was told that God had created the Perfect Being and if I praised Him, I’d be worthy of salvation. So does this mean that God screwed up with us, then decided after that He’d make the perfect Being? Talk about a teachers pet! All we have to do is be like him. “Let me see if I understand this God. I am a sinner so I will inherently do bad stuff, but all I have to do is pawn off all my bad actions to a guy that is perfect? Cool, I have a spiritual lawyer to get me into Heaven… Awesome!”
Having reread what I just wrote above seems like the story of Lucifer. I sound jealous don’t I ? I am not. We are led to believe that if we do empower ourselves that it may be the work of that very Angel that He created that He no longer has any control over. What happened to being accountable for our actions? There are so may theories out there and many conflict with one another. I hear kids often say, “My dad is stronger than your dad!” “Oh ya, let’s fight to settle this!” Things don’t change much on a grander scale. “My God is better than your God, let’s start a war!” This is ridiculous, and I’m sure that you agree.
*My personal belief is that Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad and other Enlightened Beings have come to show us the way, how to love another as ourselves, and how to connect with our Higher God/Self. None of them desired to start a religion, they were created later by man.
What if we were God? Not necessarily God, but a part of Him? Recently, I noticed a car’s license plate displaying the words: God is my co-pilot. What if we are the co-pilot and God is actually the one driving? We can say that we are the wave in the ocean, but we can’t say that we are the ocean itself. I’m not concerned whether or not you believe in God, nor should you care if I do or don’t. My intent in writing this blog is simply to arouse one to ponder beyond the status quo, and to think outside the box. In fact, my book, my blogs and all that I share with you are designed to shake things up a bit.
We live in a time that is quite unstable, one that is filled with political and social fear mongering, separation, prejudice and overall uncertainty. Our trust in the system, with our government, and the fate of humanity is crumbling. We are left with a sense of helplessness, and feelings of no hope. If God is indeed dead, and we are left to fend for ourselves, what will become of us? Maybe, it is us as individuals and as a collective that we should be seeking. Perhaps it is the God Force dwelling within each of us that needs consideration. Together we are strong, united we are free… “We are God.”
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